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What Makes us Unique

Quality; Beyond the standard of any other.

We are completely dedicated to using the finest ingredients on the market. All organic vegetables, organic cage-free Mary's chicken, pasture-raised and grass-fed Panorama beef, locally farmed Fogline pork and top of the line BN Heritage turkeys. We know our farmers and suppliers personally. We have traveled to the farms, stuck our nose in the dirt and walked through the processing facilities to ensure that the sourcing for our final product is in compliance with our standards of the ethical treatment of animals, and ecologically sound farming practices.

We are also utterly dedicated to packaging in glass jars. We are not convinced that 'non-BPA' is any better than the original toxins found in full-BPA plastics, and recent research is supporting our hunch. Kitchen Witch is also a member of the Plastic Pollution Collation, a global movement to reduce plastic waste in our oceans. Plastic packaging is a major contributor to the destruction of our planet, and we founders are committed to building a company that is not part of the problem, but part of the global economical solution.