Bone Broth Infusions

Our bone broth infusions are quick and easy recipes for enjoying our bone broth. They require fewer ingredients and less prep time than a full bone broth recipe, but they still feature our hearty, nutritious bone broth. You can try these at the Downtown Santa Cruz Farmers Market on Wednesdays or you can make them in the comfort of your own home!

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Anti-Inflammatory Infusion

Soothe your gut, joints and whatever else ails you with ginger and turmeric extracts spun into the Kitchen Witch Bone Broth of your choice. Coconut oil optional.

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Blood Builder Infusion

Build your blood with your choice of Kitchen Witch Bone Broth, beet extract, dang gui tincture, and goji berries.

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Green Coconut Curry Infusion

Creamy and spicy green Thai curry frothed with coconut cream in your choice of Kitchen Witch Bone Broth.