Reset Your Gut With the Kitchen Witch Gut Reset™

Join us for a 5-day rejuvenation as we give our guts a fresh start. Our soup and bone broth cleanse is designed to keep you satiated and grounded (not starving!) while deeply nourishing your body. Gelatin-rich bone broth throughout the day can calm inflammation, encourage healing of gut lining, and give the body a much needed break from the norm.

Our Gut Reset™ is a unique 5-day program that gives you a break from the norm and offers a period of time to tune in and tune up your relationship to food. Clean, soothe, and calm your body from the inside out with the Kitchen Witch Gut Reset.




5 Days of Bone Broth & Broth-Based Soups

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Support From Our Nutritional Director and Co-Founder


Next Cleanse Dates

Oct 21-25, 2019

Sign up deadline Oct 16th

Local Pick ups Sunday, 10/20 11am-1pm

Dec 9-13, 2019

Sign up deadline Dec 4th

Local Pick ups Sunday, 12/8 11am-1pm

***Contact us if you would like to start on a different date.


Free - Pick up in Santa Cruz

$15 - Delivery in Santa Cruz County

$30 - Shipping to CA, AZ, OR, WA, ID, NV & UT

Why a bone broth cleanse?

Our Gut Reset is an invitation to take break from one’s eating routine, and to quiet down (and tune in to) the core of your body - your digestive system.

Kitchen Witch Co-Founder, Magali Brecke, LAc created this bone broth cleanse for her private clients as a way to deeply HUSH inflammation, clear detox pathways, and soothe a tired gut. It is an honor for us to offer her creation to the wider public.

Five days of bone broth and bone broth-based seasonal soups offer all the nutrition one might need without the common negative side effects of a juice cleanse (feeling starved, blood sugar roller coasters, and fiber deficiencies).

Instead, the Kitchen Witch Gut Reset™ bathes your system in all the nutrition you need to clean, clear, and soothe a tired and potentially toxic gut.

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Cleanse package includes

15 jars of soup (3 per day, 1 replaces each meal)

5 jars of bone broth (1  jar per day, 2 large portions per jar)


Cleanse Support

Let us guide you during your 5-day journey to a calmer, cleaner gut. We will provide detailed instructions on how to use your cleanse, delicious recipe additions to your daily bone broth, and additional 'detox' methods to add to your cleanse routine (such as specific herbal teas, dry-brushing, sauna etc). 

If you would like even more support, and a custom tailored plan, our Nutritional Director and Co-Founder, Magali Brecke, LAc has you covered. 

Email her for pricing and to schedule your customized package.

Hear What Our Past Cleansers Have To Say

"Their soup cleanse is amazing! The soups are healthy, delicious and filling. It never would have occurred to me to sip on bone broth, but now I do it all the time. The beef bone broth is my favorite."

Amber Weiss (PA, LAc - Santa Cruz)


"I truly enjoyed the cleanse, for a number of reasons. The biggest surprise is that I lost a ton of weight (17lbs!), which I’ve managed to keep off, even losing a couple more pounds, this week. I also have become far more aware of my stomach not being settled (gassy, bloated), now that I’m not on the cleanse anymore. I assume it has always been this way, and I just never thought much about it. It’s definitely inspiring me to want to eat more healthily. Looking forward to a future cleanse!"

Chris P.


"This cleanse was the most enjoyable and tastiest cleanse I've ever done. The soups were pureed to perfection and very tasty as is. I did salt and spice them up and the tips you provided for this were very helpful. I felt calm, grounded and supported throughout. I noticed that I was wanting quiet around me, ie: no tv or radio. The tongue brushing was also a useful tip." 


"I did the soup and broth cleanse and loved it. The soups were all delicious, there wasn't a single one I didn't like and the broths were high quality and tasty too."

Sunshine T. (Midwife - Santa Cruz)


"I have now participated in this cleanse twice and I plan to do this many more times, it’s just that profound of an experience in my body. The key components I have valued most from this cleanse are that it reduced inflammation in my body and I have remained free of inflammation since the first time I did the cleanse. It has also reset my taste for sweet, even though I only ate natural forms of sweetness, I would find myself wanting a little taste of raw chocolate every other day. Now I find myself not being drawn to it and feeling satisfaction after the savory meals I eat. Lastly, I feel more nourished and energized, fully free of a desire for caffeine. All in all I find myself more balanced and stable in my moods, physical body and my hormones with a fresh start with my relationship to food as medicine. 

I have recommended this cleanse endlessly to my friends and clients and look forward to the next time I participate."

Taylor Estes, (Creator of the UNCOIL Method)