System Clearing Springtime Tonic

For this recipe, we bring you a bone broth tonic based on both Chinese Medical and Western Herbology theories for seasonal eating. Spring is the season to clear, move, and reset a system coming out of storage (Winter) mode. As with any traditional/alternative theory, it is guided by the happenings of nature to adjust the happenings occurring within the body.

We Kitchen Witches are back to support your dedication to your gut with a Spring bone broth tonic we use as we transition into LA’s favorite season: SPRING!

Spring is an excellent time to move out the old and clear space, both indoors; and inside the body. The natural expansiveness of Spring growth seen in nature (buds, flowers, wind, sprouts, greenery) is mirrored in our bodies: we crave more movement, lighter meals, and clean living spaces.

In Chinese medicine, where we Witches began our formal training, Spring is ALL about the liver and gallbladder (Lv/Gb). The liver, our body’s major detox organ, transfers toxins and waste from the blood to bile, mostly while we sleep. In Spring, traditional medicine says: MOVE-THE-BILE! This bodily cleansing is also seen in nature. Think of the color green, cleansing spring wind, moving stagnancies, new growth, and lighting up the darkness as we emerge from Winter.

How do our bodies move the bile? By consuming small amounts of sour and bitter foods, while simultaneously moving the bowels to get the bile OUT (you know bile is what makes poop brown right?! Without it, bowel movements would be--gasp--gray!).

Our System Clearing Springtime Tonic takes care of all that physiology for you. It sweeps away the cobwebs that accumulate during the dormancy of Winter, and clears your system out. The probiotics work to regulate the bowels, the beets promote lymphatic flow. The sour activates the liver, and the bitter stimulates movement in the gallbladder. And, of course, the soothing collagen of the bone broth serves to strengthen and sooth our hardworking guts as they process Winter’s refuse.

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Here's how you can make this delightful Springtime tonic at home:

Add all ingredients to a blender, blend for 10-20 seconds. Alternatively, mix gut shot in after if you are worried the broth is too hot for our probiotic friends. Pour into your favorite mug; best enjoyed before your first meal of the day, or as a light meal replacement. When bile is released into the digestive system first thing in the morning, your body is better able to digest the food you eat throughout the day.

To help keep the liver and gallbladder movement flowing throughout the day, we love to sip Traditional Medicinals tea. Our favorites include: Roasted Dandelion Root, Burdock with Nettle, and Ginger-Aid.

Julianne Waite