UPDATE! (finally) and Why Glass?

Lots has happened in the New Year, gonna rip on down the list here, click the links to learn more as you go along...

We finally nailed the use of our tilt skillet, moved onto retail shelves at all New Leaf Markets (our FAV organic grocery store), started ecommerce with Grubmarket for anyone in the Bay Area to have broth delivered FREE to their door (!!!what! yes!), we spoke at Food Funded in SF, had an article published in Edible Magazine, another article in SF chronicle coming soon, moved to freezer-safe jars, and started the process for getting onto Whole Foods shelves! BAM, we been brothin! We will eventually expound on the above excitements, for now let's talk freezer-safe jars, heck JARS in general. 

Jars have been a talking point from the very beginning of KW; they were our natural go-to packing choice because they are not plastic, and because hot broth and plastic is iicccckkky. Also, we started small, like real small, like 10-15 jars at a time small. So glass was easy. As we have grown, it got a little more complicated in that glass breaks and is heavy. In the emerging broth world, plastic is pretty ubiquitous, we haven't seen any other companies stay in glass, and we totally get it (its more pricey, and again glass breaks) Yet, none of us at KW could get excited about watching our fresh, hot, broth, so carefully sourced and simmered (for 24+ hours) being poured into plastic bags. Making real bone broth is painstaking, and each drop feels precious (not to mention the drought here in Cali) how could we finish our process with plastic?? 

For now, we cant. Or wont, however you want to say it. Not to mention, BPA free doesn't seem to mean much these days, see here. And then you start thinking about one-time-use plastic bags and the environment...ah geez. It's not an easy choice, at least financially. Environmentally, and (maybe more important) mentally it's a breeze. 

We hope to stay in glass, and we LOVE our new freezer-safe jars! Pictured above, they are tall with no shoulder, the key to their safety. We can fill them all the way and don't have to worry about breakage. And thanks for that Ball, because people are ordering in bulk and having 3 out of 25 jars break is just not an option. 

We would love to hear your thoughts on glass versus plastic verusus BPA free plastic...its definitely an ongoing debate, and for now, we rest easy in our stylin jars.