Pick Ups Changing!

Lots of big changes for Kitchen Witch in the last few weeks...first, WE ARE NOW ON SHELVES AT STAFF OF LIFE in Santa Cruz!  Look for us in their refrigerated section at the front of the store.  

Next up, we are DROPPING MOST LOCAL PICKUPS because we are now available everyday on so many shelves.  MONTEREY IS THE ONLY PICK UP WE WILL BE DOING WEEKLY. WE WILL CONTINUE TO BE IN MONTEREY ON MONDAYS 10 am-12pm



    New Leaf Downtown, Westside, Capitola, Felton

    Staff of Life

HALF MOON BAYNew Leaf Community Market

SAN JOSE/LOS GATOS/SF BAY AREA- You can now receive bone broth delivered directly to your home or office, for free!  Check out our online store at Grubmarket.com

Want broth in bulk? We offer a 15% discount for 10+ jars and a 20% discount on 20+ jars.  To get this deal, please email us at info@kitchenwitchbroth.com for more info.

We are doing our best to keep up with the ever increasing demand, and we are still selling out every week.  To make sure you will still be able to get the high quality broth you love, we need a second kettle asap. Visit our BarnRaiser campaign for awesome prizes and more info on how you can help.