We Are In Business!

Big News In The Kitchen!

We have gotten word from the state that our permit has been approved and is in the mail.  This means we will be taking pre-orders early next week! We will be sending out a newsletter very shortly with full details. Broth is FINALLY on the way!

In other exciting news, our Kitchen Director, Magali, is in NYC this week. One of her first stops was Brodo, a new bone broth stand where New Yorkers can sip broth from a cup like or in place of coffee. Brodo has been garnering lots of attention in the media lately, see more here, and Magali ended up with a bit of celebrity herself.

While sipping broth, she was asked to do an interview from a local news crew about broth. Boy did that news producer happen upon the right interviewee! Magali has a great range of knowledge on broth from both her professional cooking experience to her Chinese Medicine degree. She has been helping us perfect our recipes so they are incredibly tasty as well as having off the charts gelatin content.  Tasty and good for you?  How much better can it get?

More news soon...be sure you are on our newsletter list so we can keep you updated on upcoming broth batches. -Missy