What is Up In the Kitchen?

Hello Out There!

I just realized that we have been updating those of you on the newsletter but have neglected the blog lately. So this is Missy, jumping in to tell you what is happening in the Kitchen Witch Kitchen.  We had our state inspection and are just waiting for approval, which could take another few weeks. While we not so patiently await that license, we are very busy refining recipes for our first batches. We have figured out the diverse range of nutrients we want to include, now it’s all about flavor. My partners are the real cooks, but all three of us have pots of broth in our kitchens right now just simmering away. 

Magali and I just visited Three Stone Hearth in Berkeley for an awesome lecture about bone broth and traditional foods in general. It is fascinating (and scary) to learn how much our Western diets have changed from our grandparent’s generation of wholesome, high fat and bone broth diets, to MSG and processed foods.  Even more alarming was seeing the graphs of when our diets started changing next to a graph of heart and other inflammatory diseases in the US over the last 100 years.  So thanks to Jessica Prentice for putting together such eye opening information into one presentation. You can check out other great workshops offered at Three Stone Hearth here.

Rhiannon has been busy with educating local groups about bone broth and how it can help with a myriad of health issues.  We can’t wait to get started and trust this will all happen as soon as possible.  Thanks for your patience and encouragement as we continue working to bring broth to your table!

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