Broth When?

Hello Patient Broth Lovers!

We apologize for the dull silence lately and are so grateful that folks are still signing up daily for our newsletter! We have been waiting to send out a formal update until the answer to everyone's foremost question "When can I order broth?!" was crystal clear. Alas, we can wait no longer and instead we shall embrace the chaos of jumping through the many legal hoops, and keep you updated weekly. 

The short answer to the BIG QUESTION of "Broth When?" is...SOON. Possibly as soon as the second week of November, but we won't be certain until state inspections are complete. So, we will keep you posted with blogs and weekly newsletters starting next Friday. Which is when we will tackle the second biggest question: "Why broth?" There are so many whys involved, we will break that question into 3 parts. 

- What is broth? Stock? And a bit about its tattered history, and triumphant revival

- What goes into it? Commercial vs. homemade, and the beauty of bony variety

- How can broth impact health? Who needs broth?

And with each brief article, we wont forget to keep you apprised of the broth-date as it quickly approaches. We plan to sell via pre-orders and will be announcing that process in our newsletters, so please sign up for that on our site if you have not already.

Lastly, we are excited to announce we are partnering with Marin Sun Farms for all of our bones! Check them out here.  Look out for announcements on our Santa Cruz local produce partners in the next few weeks. 

Lots of good stuff brewing over here, we thank you SO much for your patience, we promise to keep you updated!

-Kitchen Witch Staff