Reset Your Gut!

w/Kitchen Witch

a 5-day Bone Broth and Soup program

 San Francisco Bay, Santa Cruz, San Jose, & Monterey Bay Areas

(shipping available in CA, OR, & WA contact us for a shipping estimate)

Join us in a 5-day rejuvenation, as we give our guts a fresh start. Our 'cleanse' is designed to keep you satiated and grounded (not starving!) while deeply nourishing your body. Gelatin rich bone broth throughout the day can calm inflammation, encourage healing of gut lining, and give the body a much needed break from the norm. 

$275 for pick up in Santa Cruz

  (add $15 delivery in Santa Cruz County or $30 delivery outside Santa Cruz County from Marin to Monterey to East Bay and all areas in between)

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 15 jars of soup (3 per day) and 5 jars of bone broth (1 per day- 2 large servings per jar)

Using our gelatin-rich bone broth, we gently simmer farmer's market fresh, seasonal vegetables, herbs, and spices into sumptuous soups.  We then puree smooth for ease of absorption and transport- take warm soup on the go and be nurtured the whole day through. Our broth cleanse will pave the way for a healthful season- a perfect way to step into lasting dietary change. 

Next Cleanse Dates:

January - 15th-19th (Sign up now!)

Pick Ups/Deliveries Weekend of JAN 13th and 14th


Typical Day's Menu

Soup selection changes seasonally based on market availability, each cleanse will allow for 4 soup options per participant (choose 15 jars in any combination of the 4 available soups). All soups are 100% gluten, dairy, grain, and legume free- we adhere to Paleo/Low-Carb/AIP/Anti-Inflammatory principles. See more below.

Breakfast: Turmeric-Ginger Carrot Soup

Midday Tonic: Bone Broth (beef, chicken, ginger-pork or turkey) w/fresh cilantro and lime juice

Lunch: Healing Greens Soup (broccoli, kale, sweet potato, ginger, lemon, fresh herbs)

Dinner: Roasted Cauliflower and Garlic Soup

Evening Nightcap: Bone Broth of choice w/coconut oil

What's in a (soup) Jar?

  • Grain, Legume, Nightshade, Dairy, Sugar Free
  • Bone Broth Base: each soup is made with our own gelatinous, deeply healing, Organic Chicken Bone Broth
  • Organic and SC Farmer's Market fresh vegetables and herbs
  • No fear of (high quality) fat: we use organic coconut oil in each soup, and encourage you to add more healthy fats to your broth and soups throughout the cleanse
  • Superfoods (or soup-er foods!?) turmeric, chlorella, reishi, kombu, coconut oil
  • Smooth...we puree smooth to ensure easy absorption and digestion
  • Diversity: rich with brightly colored vegetables, herbs, and spices 

Support: we are with you the whole way...

Let us guide you during your 5-day journey to a calmer, cleaner gut. We will provide detailed instructions on how to use your cleanse, delicious recipe additions to your daily bone broth, and additional 'detox' methods to add to your cleanse routine (such as specific herbal teas, dry-brushing, sauna etc). 


We make our soup in small batches so, SPACE IS VERY LIMITED...grab a spot while you can! If you miss us this month, fear not we have monthly dates to come.

If you would like even more support, and a custom tailored plan, our co-owner/chef and resident Anti-Inflammatory Diet expert Magali Brecke, LAc has you covered. Email her for pricing and to schedule your customized package.