Bone Broth Cleanse FAQs

The Kitchen Witch bone broth cleanse is our ‘dream offering’ to anyone beginning a healing internal journey. It is designed to dramatically drop systemic inflammation, re-organize your relationship to food, and help you take your health into your own hands, from the inside out.

Magali’s experience with her private clients has revealed that a short, intense, ‘reset’ period accelerates healing, landing the client at a baseline that allows for solid and sustained change.  

This sustainable positive change is what we at Kitchen Witch have always stood for. Join us and be a part of the shift from conventional toxicity to sustainable clean living.  


What is meant by “Gut Reset”?

Magali: “As related to the body, and to my work in the anti-inflammatory realm, a ‘reset’ intends to get to the bottom of irritation, inflammation, and malabsorption. It is an opportunity for the the client to HUSH their system and quiet the overall ‘inflammatory noise’ caused by years (often decades) of exposure to stressors.

We modern humans share many experiences that degrade our microbiome: antibiotics, stress, poor food quality, food sensitivities, environmental exposures, etc. These factors, in combination with an individual's particular genetic expression, present a dis-ease and disharmony that may have a wide variety of signs and symptoms.

As an anti-inflammatory consultant and chef, it is my job to untangle this web. This reset is the best place to start.”


Will this ‘cure’ my digestive problems?

Magali: In the world of food and medicine the word 'cure' is highly debatable. Digestive diseases are multifactorial and we are multidimensional beings in a constantly changing environment. I believe that food is foundational, and dietary habits are only one component to resetting the entire mind-body system.

As a practitioner I cannot guarantee that a client will take supplements, exercise, or meditate. But I can be absolutely certain of one thing: they WILL eat. Because food is applicable to everyone, on every single day of their lives, eating habits become ‘low hanging fruit’ for accessible change.

Shift your relationship to food, truly examine your habits, and you come to the very foundation of your health. By creating a stable baseline with your diet, powerful changes in other areas of your life become significantly easier to integrate and much longer lasting.
From this place of clarity, change sticks.”


I'm really busy- I don't think I have time to deal with ‘detoxing’ while working/taking care of kids/etc. Can this work in my very full life?

Magali: "The Reset was designed for those with full lives! It can absolutely be done in the context of your 'everyday' world- this is not a juice cleanse that leaves you ailing through blood sugar highs and lows. On the contrary, many on the Reset  feel clearer, more energetic, and light in their bodies. Each soup is created with good fats, fibrous veggies, and gentle protein from our bone broth- a complete, easy to digest meal. In addition, we offer simple suggestions for supplemental foods one may consider if energy really dips, or you just need something to chew on."


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What Does A typical daily meal plan look like?

Breakfast: 1 Jar of Seasonal Bone Broth-Based Soup

Midday Snack: Bone Broth (By Itself or in a Kitchen Witch Tonic

Lunch: 1 Jar of Seasonal Bone Broth-Based Soup 

Dinner: 1 Jar of Seasonal Bone Broth-Based Soup

Evening Nightcap: Bone Broth (By Itself or in a Kitchen Witch Tonic)

Soup selection changes seasonally based on market availability, each cleanse will allow for 4 soup options per participant (choose 15 jars in any combination of the 4 available soups). All soups are 100% gluten, dairy, grain, and legume free- we adhere to Paleo/Low-Carb/AIP/Anti-Inflammatory principles. See more below.

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whaT is Bone Broth Soup?

Bone Broth Base: Each soup is made with our own gelatinous, deeply healing Organic Chicken Bone Broth

Fresh Veggies & Herbs: We only use organic and SC Farmers Market-fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices

Healthy Fats: We use organic coconut oil in each soup, and encourage you to add more healthy fats to your broth and soups throughout the cleanse

Added Superfoods: We are always include a range of superfoods in our soups, such as turmeric, chlorella, reishi, kombu, coconut oil

Easy On Your System: We puree smooth all of our soups to ensure easy absorption and digestion

Food Sensitivities Free: All of our soups are grain-, legume-, nightshade-, dairy-, & sugar-free